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FLYZEYE Fabrication

Professional Product Development, Prototyping, and Production

Commercial   |   Consumer   |   Industrial   |   Military

CAD Design & Rendering

LASER Marking

LASER Engraving

CNC Machining

TIG Welding

What We Offer...

Whether you need a single part or a completely custom complex assembly with hundreds of precision components or a CAD rendering to pitch your idea, we can help you.

We are integration specialists - we consider all aspects of product development from conception to the end user.

We have extensive knowledge and experience with highly complex opto-mechanical, electro-mechanical, and robotic systems as found in the semiconductor industry.

We also provide support for consumer products, industrial parts, and military components.

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Why Choose FLYZEYE...

Cutting Edge Manufacturing

We offer high-resolution 3D prints from Markforged and STRATASYS, CNC machining from HAAS and much more.


We are small enough to take on your one-off projects and large enough to help you bring your ideas to market.

Durable, High Quality Materials

We offer a wide range of high-grade engineering materials to suit your project needs.

Experienced Advisor Service

Our team has years of manufacturing, product development, and production experience.

Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing...



  • How do I start a New Product Development project?
    To start a New Product Development Project: 1. Contact us thru our "Contact Us" button, email, or chat 2. In a short description, let us know what you are looking for 3. If you are a seasoned professional, please let us know the details of your project 4. If you are new to product development, we can help guide you thru the process 5. If you have a list of project requirements, this information can be very helpful
  • Can I simply order a custom part if I already have drawings?
    Yes. Simply provide working drawings. 1. Working drawings MUST contain accurate dimensions ( Imperial or Metric ) 2. Working drawings are NOT required, but specifications are needed 3. Please specify your desired material and surface finish requirements 4. Please note any post processing needs 5. Include how many parts you need
  • Can FLYZEYE Fabrication help me bring my ideas to market?
    In many cases, we can help you develop your ideas into viable products
  • Do you have general questions about what we do or what services we offer?
    Please reach out to us. We are growing fast. Our capabilities are expanding. We will take the time to help you.
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